Girlwithcam2I am a proud member of Sudan Film Factory which was established under the auspices of Goethe Institute-Sudan. Working with film was a dream come true… In January 2010 I participated in a workshop for documentary filmmaking at Goethe Institute. There I applied the visual skills acquired from years of photography and studying the craft of filmmaking. During the five month workshop I worked on two productions as a camera woman and then directed and shot a film about hip hop artists in Khartoum. My film In Search of Hip Hop, made Official Selection at IFFR 2013 and was included in festivals such as the Africa-Alive Festival in Frankfurt, Germany. The summer of 2013 my happy little music film travelled to Japan and Abu Dhabi, and was selected by international film festivals in Spain, Korea and Dubai. The film was featured in festivals in Europe and Brazil in 2012 and the iRep International Film Festival in Lagos, Nigeria in 2011, where my colleague Mario Mabor and I were featured guests! BBC Arabic screened the film during the week of April 19th 2014 on  Alternative Cinema.

Aside from my Sudan Film Factory work I shot footage for a film by UNIFEM for the New York based director Lisa Russell of Governess Films and a film for USAID with Mia-Fil-Mia Productions about Popular Consultation in Blue Nile State, Sudan.

The Two Sudans is a collaborative project I worked on with a German producer looking to showcase Sudanese stories, from both north and South Sudan, to piece together the many complicated aspects of the division of Sudan into two nations. We began filming in January 2011. Both my colleagues Mario Mabor (Director of Rababa Man, 2010) and Alyaa Sir El-Khatim (D.O.P of Faisal Goes West 2012) are involved in the project. To view these films please visit The Two Sudans.

Film credits from Sudan Film Factory 2010:
In Search of Hip Hop, (Directorial Debut)

Rababa Man, Directed by Mario Mabor

Diversity, Directed by Mohamed Hanafi, Maaz Negoumi, Nahla Mohaker

Film Credits from The Two Sudans 2011- 2013:

Chol, Director, Camera & Sound

Khamis, Director, Camera & Sound (yet to be released)