Video still of woman putting on traditional garment. © Issraa El-Kogali

Video still of a woman putting on the toub, a traditional garment. 2013 Nora’s Cloth

I went from travel and documentary photography to experimenting with mixed media on photographs in the span of 6 years in Sudan. Having started out exploring Khartoum with the perspective of a newly returned daughter, clunky Canon A1 camera in hand and a white school girl scarf wrapped clumsily around my head, I sought positive affirmations. Knowing where I was and who I was, came about through this exploration of the country and its people.  After four collections and several solo exhibitions paired with solid experience in documentary photography for the development and humanitarian aid sectors, I dusted off my khakis and put away my sandals, setting my sights on the global north. In the spring of 2013 I completed a guest student year at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden. I applied to the college after a surprise interview with Sweden’s public TV channel SVT. While there, I acquired new video editing techniques and  began silkscreen printing for my project Nora’s Cloth. I am currently working on a few small projects while promoting Nora’s Cloth and the short film adaptation of Tayeb Salih’s A Handful of Dates (2014/2015).

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