Nubian Fatima_ELKOGALI
Nubian Fatima, mixed media on a b&w photo print, Alshijeyra Collection 2008. [copyright Issraa El-Kogali]
Alshijeyra means small tree or sapling and it aptly describes my first venture away from exhibiting photography to working with mixed media. The collection consists of hand painted photos using water colors, acrylic, felt tip ink pens with some etching and writing. The collection was exhibited in February/March 2008 at Together Art Center, established and directed by Sudanese painter Wisal Dia-aldin.

Click here to view a slide show of Alshijeyra collection



I am a Sudanese artist working with art installations, photography, film, mixed media, writing and spoken word. My art work has been shown in Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the USA, since I began my career in Sudan in late 2003. "In Search of Hip Hop", my first film, won official selection at Rotterdam and Dubai film festivals in 2013. I'm currently a contributing editor of Agave an online magazine and writing for film, while I prepare for upcoming exhibitions of Nora's Cloth during the winter of 2013/2014. Nora's Cloth is an Ibsen Scholarship award winning project (2011).

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  1. Jabo June 2, 2012

    What a wonderful work of art. I’m officially impressed.
    Go Issraa 🙂

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