Hope & Continuity

We Love Sudan - Original photo
Street art from Camboni Ground, downtown Khartoum. [copyright Issraa El-Kogali 2010]
Hope & Continuity” is the title of a collection, which was exhibited at Dara Art Gallery, Khartoum. Dara Gallery is the private gallery of renowned Sudanese painter Rashid Diab. The theme was strong and timely. The first elections in 24 years gave rise to many electoral campaigns in 2010 that filled conversations and debates in both private and public circles and it felt like the ideal time to interject those debates with a look at the beauty and resilience of our Sudanese people. The collection is a fusion of mixed media and photography on canvas. Hope & Continuity is a personal journey narrated through snapshots, illustrations and written mementos covering 6 years since my return to Sudan. When asked to describe this collection I said that I want to ”blur the line between art and photography”. The photos included school children, the elderly, practices of faith, young mothers, beloved artists and musicians and la vie quotidian because these are the instruments of hope and continuity in our lives. This is the message my work carries.

This exhibition was sponsored by a grant from the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Sudan.



I am a Sudanese artist working with art installations, photography, film, mixed media, writing and spoken word. My art work has been shown in Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the USA, since I began my career in Sudan in late 2003. "In Search of Hip Hop", my first film, won official selection at Rotterdam and Dubai film festivals in 2013. I'm currently a contributing editor of Agave an online magazine and writing for film, while I prepare for upcoming exhibitions of Nora's Cloth during the winter of 2013/2014. Nora's Cloth is an Ibsen Scholarship award winning project (2011).

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